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The next hot batch of boats is on its way from Europe.  Now is your opportunity to snag your boat before colors/stock runs low again!
The stock listed below will be available for pickup/delivery starting Nov 15th, 2020.

The team at ZET is excited to present our latest and most innovative creek boat to date, The CROSS.


The Zet Cross is a sporty, stable, and easy to maneuver kayak.  Its long, wide rocker has been designed to move easily through waves and holes and boof beautifully even at low speeds. The flat hull and edges of the Cross make it highly responsive to its paddler. It accelerates quickly and holds its line perfectly. The Zet Cross is easy to turn and has no ‘catchy features’ making it the perfect kayak for any whitewater purpose and environment.
The Zet Cross is designed for paddlers in the weight range 70 to 100 kg. Its incredible stability makes it suitable for not only expert kayakers but also for beginner and intermediate paddlers wanting to improve their skills.







  Weight Range  

272 cm
107 in


350 l
92.4 g

91 x 50 cm
36 x 20 in

20 kg
44 lbs