Raptor - mid weight all around kayak


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The RAPTOR is in its element on whitewater, making it the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate paddlers who are seeking to develop and push their whitewater skills. Due to the stability of the hull and responsive design, the boat is suited to accelerate the kayaking learning curve.


The exceptional design of the Raptor has been proven on all types of whitewater, from the largest volume rivers in the world to the steepest creeks and waterfalls.  The displacement hull tracks and carries speed through the water while the rocker and carefully designed edges allow for quick spins as well as graceful carving turns.  The agile responsiveness of the Raptor makes it simply fun to paddle.
The outfitting has been redesigned making it more adjustable, robust, and comfortable than ever before. 
Through the use of “Zelezny Technology” Zet has made the Raptor both stronger and lighter than other kayaks. Other advantages of Zet Kayaks include:
  •  2-year warranty
  •  Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak
  •  Useful interior attachments 
  •  Light and functional seat made from a 'hybrid material'
  •  Stable displacement hull
  •  Original and progressive design 





LengthWidthVolumeCockpit sizePaddler Weight RangeWeight of kayak
255 cm68 cm303 l91 x 5165~82 kg19 kg
8´ 27"80 gal3' x 2' 120~180lbs42lbs