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You may have seen legendary America Zet Cross from the 2019 Zet Kayaks Pacific Northwest tour, or on photos or video on social media.
From the moment it landed, people have been offering to buy it has never been for sale… until now-
We are partnering with PTSD - Professional Transformation Sports Development to help raise funds for a boat purchase for their program to get vets into sports therapy to help with their PTSD. It's a fantastic program, and you can watch a cool video in the links below.
Video Link HERE
To help them raise funds, we are going to raffle off this one of a kind boat. Now let us be clear, this boat is used- It was paddled across the Pacific Northwest in 2019 and has been my North Fork touring boat, but it is an absolute one of a kind legend.
Here is how it will work- We are going to offer 24 raffle tickets for $100 each. You can CHOOSE your ticket number by choosing the number you want between 1-24 in your order. After we have sold all 24 raffle tickets, we will use Google Random Number Generator and video the results! I will post on Facebook when each number is claimed.
Once all 24 spots have been purchased, we will draw the lucky winner!

Now here is the small print-
Although you are buying a used boat, it will come with a 1-year hull warranty.
The winner will be responsible for freight shipping charges ($200), or we can try to get it on roof rack shipping for free!
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