Kayak Pin Kit


Category Safety Gear
This is the all in one kayaking specific pin kit is built to be lightweight, accessible, and ideally curated for kayak rescue (although it will work for rafts as well). Each component of this kit has been chosen for the quality of the manufacturer, total weight, and compatibility.

Included in this kit:
80ft of 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch rescue line
4 locking carabiners 
2 sewn prusiks - Sterling Hollow Blocks
2 pulleys - SMC CRx 1" pulley
1 spool of webbing - 30' Mil-spec 1 inch webbing

A total weight of 3.5-4.25lbs (depending on rope choice) this fits snugly in your boat as the bag is no larger than a regular full-size throwbag.