Fully Adjustable C-1 Conversion Package


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Saddle Color
We have joined forces with C1KayakConversions to import to the US for the. first time their C1 conversion kits.
This fully adjustable fiberglass saddle fit easily in almost all kayaks, can be customized to match your boat's color, and is really strong giving the ability to bolt straps and accessories to suit yours with ease.
If you are looking for the highest quality complete conversion for a kayak to a C1 this is it!

The Fully Adjustable Package comes with :
Choice of color of saddle base
Fully Adjustable C1 saddle base with integrated fixing channel
Carbon strengthened seat/backrest with Ash wooden supports
Closed-cell foam seat pad
Closed-cell foam backrest
Heavy Duty Velcro pads
Closed-cell foam knee pads
C1 hip pads
2 x webbing loops for thigh straps
Quick-release, adjustable thigh straps with cam buckle
Adjustable knee straps
Thigh strap/knee strap fixings to be easily attached to the saddle
1 x 5mm Allen key
2 x 1m aluminum lengths, 20mm, to cut and shape to the hull
1 x 65mm x 65mm square PVC Tube to fix to the rear pillar
2 x 25mm PVC dowels
2 x 21cm M6 Stainless threaded bar with dome nuts
5 x M8 Stainless nuts bolts and washers
large selection of Stainless M5 nuts, bolts and washers for fixing saddle to boat