You may have seen some of the iconic Zet boats on the water and for the first time it is possible for you to custom design your own! 
Every time we import a container of boats from Zet HQ in Czech Republic we have a limited capacity for custom ordered graphics on the boat.  The graphics are actually molded into the plastic making them extremely durable.
The graphic surcharge depends on the complexity of your design but the sky is the limit!

We also can do a factory conversion to a C-1 outfitting for any of the Zet boats.  All conversions come with the following

  • A large factory welded plastic hull support centre beam.
  • Large mini-cell foam saddle and bulkhead which can be trimmed down to suit your fit.
  • Cockpit mounted foam hip padding to create a snug fit with the boat.
  • Mini-cell foam knee pads and ankle risers which can be adjusted to fit.
  • Adjustable ratcheting thigh straps with a quick release pull harness.
Please contact us  to get your order started! All orders for custom graphics must be placed by Aug 15th 2020 to get on this container.  Use the form below to get the artwork started or special order a factory conversion for your custom Zet Kayak.