Director Price: $1,199.00 Retail Price: $1,399.00 (Save $200.00)


Zet Kayaks have landed in the USA!

The DIRECTOR is the newest and biggest boat in the ZET kayak range! With a length of almost 2.7 metres and a volume of 360 litres, this boat is perfect for multi-day expeditions, extreme races and for all of those bigger paddlers out there. Despite its length the boat is extremely maneuverable and holds a line with ease, therefore excelling on difficult whitewater. Thanks to Zet's advanced manufacturing technologies and high performance  design, the Director is the ultimate kayak for any big paddler on a whitewater mission!
The outfitting is simple, adjustable, robust, and comfortable. As a result the paddler is protected from big impacts and the boat is extremely light considering its large size.
Through the use of “Zelezny Technology” ZET has made the Director both stronger and lighter than other kayaks. Other advantages of ZET Kayaks include:
  •  2 year warranty
  •  Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak
  • Unique foam holder
  • Light and functional seat made from a 'hybrid material'
  • Stable displacement hull
  • Original and progressive design 
  • Design input from some of the world's best paddlers
Length Width Volume  Cockpit   Weight    Paddler Weight Range 

268 cm

8 ft 9 in

68 cm

26.7 in

360 L

95 gal

91x 53 cm

36 x 21 in

21 kg

46 lbs

 75-110 kg

165-250 lbs


For the shipping of your kayak we charge $150 in freight shipping to deliver your kayak to the nearest YRC freight terminal to you. FIND TERMINAL NEAREST YOU.

When your boat arrives at the YRC freight terminal, YRC will call your supplied phone number for pick up.  When the boat leaves the terminal in Boise, we will email your confirmation email with all your tracking info.

Freight shipping takes between 7-10 business days.

If you are planning a trip to Idaho you can save on shipping costs by picking up your boat at our warehouse on the Payette River (45 minutes outside of Boise).